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We support you in your career transition, in finding / creating a meaningful job,

and developing your full potential.


Find your purpose and become a successful change leader whose impact contributes to a sustainable world.

“One of the most difficult things is not to change society – but to change yourself.” – Nelson Mandela

An Outstanding Mastermind Program & Community

We help you transition from your current reality to a meaningful career.

Get Or Create A Meaningful Job


  • Do you often wish you could make a more impactful contribution in your job or organization?
  • Or perhaps you somehow feel that there must be something more for you? Do you feel overwhelmed and trapped in a job that feels meaningless, or perhaps even struggle with self-identity?
  • Or have you lost your job and instead of just finding a job that pays the bills, you know it’s time to achieve your true purpose?
  • Or for whatever reason, you’ve held yourself back from fully pursuing your dream career as an employee or entrepreneur.

Perhaps you don’t dare going for your dreams for all sorts of good reasons.

You’re In The Right Place If…


  • Is this it? Is this really the right career path for me?
  • What is MY purpose?
  • How could I have more impact as a leader in my job or organization?
  • Or is it possible to get or create the job I truly want considering the complex labour market, my age, experience or level of study in this field?
  • Is it reasonable to pursue my dream career in spite of having to provide for my family or other responsibilities?
  • I’ve been in this job since so many years… How risky is it to leave my comfort zone and security?
  • How could I set up new realistic career goals and achieve them in a reasonable amount of time?

If you’re in this place, we guarantee that there is a way out.

How To Find Or Create A Fulfilling Job



Share your talents and gifts with the world. You know that your work is most impactful when you follow your true purpose. You wish to thrive in a healthy and stimulating work environment. You either want to make a more impactful contribution in your job, find the right job, or perhaps start or further develop your business. But you often get sidetracked, stuck or experience blocks and even self-doubt.


Imagine you enjoyed a rewarding career that is aligned with your purpose – as an employee or entrepreneur, making the impact you truly want, having the life you dream of and loving what you do.


We help you achieve your goals based on a proven and unique results and human-oriented system and approach that has successfully served numerous professionals and executives since more than 15 years, in various sectors and industries.


Learn Powerful Secrets To Unlock Your Dream Career



  • Be Closely Guided And Supported In Your Career Development, Transition Or Reorientation Through Our Executive And Career Mentoring Program
  • Follow Your Purpose – In Alignment With Your Values And Motivations
  • Become The Leader That You Want In Your Life and Current Job
  • Or Plan A New Career Avenue and Master Job Search Techniques And Strategies – Have Your CV and Cover Letter (Finally) Stand Out
  • Or Define If Entrepreneurship Is Your Path – We Support You In Starting Or Further Developing Your Business
  • Undergo A High Quality Skills Assessment, And Develop And Implement A Realistic Career Roadmap Based On Our Proven System For Successful Career Building and Agile Job Search Techniques embracing the realities of the 21st century
  • Master the Art of Networking
  • Participate in Leadership and Career Workshops
  • Clear Mindset Blocks, Overcome Issues, Build Self-Confidence, Become Unstoppable And Develop A Winning Mindset (a key to success…)

Further to a personal needs assessment, you benefit from a tailor-made program to achieve your goals in a least amount of time. Learn more about our program, unique approach and about Maria Zarraga, the founder of ForWaves®, why she decided to serve mission driven professionals who truly want and fully commit to take their career at a whole new level. If this is what you want, get started now.



Go for an impactful career!

Make it happen

Create New Waves In Your Career

Truth is, so many people look back on their life plagued with unfulfilled wishes. Oftentimes, fear and lack of awareness of who we really are (rather than of who we should be) leads to an unfulfilled career and life. If this is the case, then you may trade your dreams, talents and even your health, and opportunities, for more security in working environments that may be far from your values or purpose. And the cost of that is just too high to keep doing that ! If that rings true for you, you are not alone.

ForWaves® is a unique community. We foster deep transformation of organizations and people, starting by YOU, for a conscious and sustainable world of work. Discover more about our unique, innovative and results and human-oriented approach that has successfully served numerous executives and professionals since more than 15 years.

We support our community of citizens to achieve their dream career goals while being realistic and resourceful !

Why wait so long?




“I contacted ForWaves for a career coaching and assessment after a mass layoff in my industry. There were no other professional openings for my profile despite a strong academic and professional track record. ForWaves helped me to take stock of my situation and focus on hands-on methods to reroute my career in a positive and proactive manner.

The personalized service and advice I received was second to none in getting me back on my feet and the insights provided by the tried and tested methods were truly eye opening and empowering. ForWaves deserves my heartfelt thanks and praise.” — R.L., PhD

“I thank ForWaves for accompanying me through my professional transition. I was looking for a reorientation for my career. The personalised career and life coaching helped me regain confidence in my abilities and in myself, and to be now fulfilled in an activity that is in line with my values and life project.” — J.H.

“I attended a training about career development and how to build a successful personal and professional project…and make it a reality. I was greatly impressed by the force of nature that is Ms. Zarraga — a true professional with great experience who is actively listening and able to bring out the best in each individual in each situation. She has the knowledge and the emotional intelligence to drive change in people and I hope to work with her again in the near future.” – C.M. 

“I work in the field of emergencies. The difficult situations I experienced in the last years led to a burnout. It was no longer possible for me to apprehend my future career serenely. I looked at various job offers, but I did not really know where to go.

So I contacted ForWaves to help me find my way with regards to my professional reorientation. At the beginning, it was no longer possible for me to consider anything other than leaving my current job very quickly. I did not see a future for myself in a job that had caused such distress and in which there was no recognition. Then I learnt how to step back, look towards the future and find a professional goal rather than focusing on the past. I managed to stabilise myself in my current situation and make sure that my work was no longer impossible to do. My job search became simpler and more targeted.

I now move forward through the process of my career reorientation and job search with serenity and a peaceful mind. Thanks to the personalized advice I received, taking into account certain psychological aspects related to my job search and recruitment interviews, the skills assessment I underwent, and thanks to a number of behavioural and technical methods, I see now with more clarity where I stand at present and my vision of my professional future.

This all allowed me to be able to seriously undertake various courses, be effective in my job search, and position myself among the final candidates in a completely different industry.Employee in the field of emergencies

“I had the pleasure of attending Ms Maria Zarraga’s career training and workshop on networking. I found the approach advocated for business (and in life in general) to be a perfect balance between modesty, politeness, respect and getting to the point.

The tools and methodologies are well aligned with this approach, differing from the often mechanical approaches to networking promoted by others. Even experienced networkers will come away with a more refined approach!” — Robin Marks, Project, Program & Portfolio Manager 

“In the midst of reflecting on my professional future, I had doubts regarding finding a suitable career direction. I found it difficult to focus on my goals. I could not find the resources to reflect on my career path of more than 25 years, and to imagine and eventually start my reorientation. Through personalized executive coaching, Maria helped me define a career direction in which I could thrive and align my career wishes, professionnal capacities and expectations. Even though I benefited from classic executive coaching I was entitled to, I turned to Maria for work that more closely met my needs, and for quicker results.

We established a coherent and realistic action plan to adjust my capacity levels allowing me to strengthen legitimacy and knowledge in my future field of activity. The action plan was very well followed up, and has been enriched with new ideas and suggestions. I was thus able to focus my efforts effectively, expand my network and acquire new skills. Currently, I continue to implement the roadmap we established, and am also gaining professional experience adapted to my professional project. Thanks to rigorous analysis and in-depth coaching, I clarified my objectives and I got my energy back to a level that enables me to take new steps. I acquired the certainty that, whatever happens, the balance and harmony gained in this process will allow me to envisage the future serenely, with the right strategy and the right tools.” – A.C.

“I had the chance to meet Ms Maria Zarraga during a workshop on career development and networking. I greatly appreciated the time you spent with me during the workshop and mentoring outside of class. You took the time to listen to me and you accompanied me in this process. And beyond that, I would like to thank you in particular for making me aware of my abilities and my various achievements. I was able to  perceive my achievements from a different angle and this allowed me to highlight other skills that I had acquired. I can only highly recommend this program to anyone who wishes to take this path, it goes beyond what is expected! A beautiful encounter and thank you again for your precious collaboration.” — H.H.

To discover more about how we can best serve you in-person or remotely, simply book a free no-obligation 30 minute consultation call.

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I had been laid off after a significant price downturn in my industry. As I had pursued advanced studies to reach the role I was holding, I was very specialized and in an industry that carries some prejudice, it was therefore very hard for me to find another job that met my requirements based solely on my existing CV. I had applied to dozens of roles, both locally and internationally, in and out of my field of expertise, the market was down and so there was little I could do about it. On a personal level, this had a huge impact on me, it was emotionally draining to use a euphemism.

I had tried traditional approaches, replying to adverts, networking, reaching out to my contacts, spontaneous applications, and retraining in a different field, at my own expense. We focused on my strengths and weaknesses, but the main thing for me was to see my core values revealed with a clarity I could not have found alone. Mixing psychology with career advice and coaching was totally new to me, and far removed from the usual corporate personality profiles I had seen in my career.

The main outcome for me was a clear understanding of where to focus my efforts, halfway through my life, after having achieved a PhD in my field and travelled far and wide in a challenging industry, it was extremely powerful for me to crystalize my values and align my efforts with them. I have now switched my career orientation in a totally new profession, literally starting from scratch. I found a job that has allowed me to leverage both my past experience and expertise and the retraining I followed, and while I don’t know what tomorrow holds, I have proven to myself what I had already done in the past but forgotten: I can reinvent myself and start fresh if I put enough effort into it.” — R.L., PhD

To discover more about how we can best serve you in-person or remotely, simply book a free no-obligation 30 minute consultation call.