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Leadership & Management  –  Human Capital  –  Career & Purpose

Monitoring & Evaluation  –  Systems Change  –  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Be Part Of A Community Of Changemakers.


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Create New Waves. The World Needs You!

We can change the world.

One career at a time. One team of changemakers at a time.

The ForWaves Academy offers Organizations and Private Individuals Training, Mentoring and Human Capital support.

The Academy belongs to ForWaves Consulting, a change management firm that serves both private and public sectors, notably as

a recognized partner of public employment and skills development programs.


Discover How To Follow Your Purpose and Fast Track Your Career Transition.

Get The Best Career Support & Training.

  • Career Coaching & Reorientation

  • Job Search

  • Skills Assessment

  • Professional and personal growth mentoring

  • Training Workshops (e.g., Leadership, Management, Sustainable Development Goals, Monitoring and Evaluation, Human Capital, Career and Personal Development)

Receive support in:

  • CV, Cover Letter & Job Interview

  • Finding Your Purpose

  • Landing Your Dream Job

  • Burnout Recovery

  • Starting Your Business

  • Developing Your Skills as a Leader, Manager, Professional or Entrepreneur (e.g., in effective Communication, Networking, Managing Change, etc.)

Discover How To Achieve Outstanding Organizational and Team Performance, Change Management, Sustainability & Impact.

  • Leading Training Workshops

  • Executive Coaching; Strategy Advice

  • Team Building

  • Recruitment Assessment; Outplacement

  • Human Capital Support

 Our Academy supports you in:

  • Strategy Building

  • Leadership & Management

  • Organizational Transformation

  • Human Capital Development

  • Health At Work; Gender & Diversity

  • Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

  • Project Management – Monitoring & Evaluation;

  • Systems Change

Experience A Powerful

In-Person Workshop:

Communication Secrets of Tomorrow’s

Change Makers (in French)

Communication Secrets of Tomorrow’s Leaders

ForWaves® brings together citizens committed to contributing to a more sustainable and humane world.

The world needs you ! Discover the secrets to being a craftsman of your life. Today.

This weekend of retreat & workshop will allow you to:

  • Take a step back from your personal and professional goals in all areas of your life (health, relationships, work, free time, finances, life mission, etc.)
  • Discover and/or align with your mission and dreams in a deeper way
  • Become aware of your influence on your close environment, community, at work and on a larger scale (e.g., Sustainable Development, #SDGs)
  • Improve communication with yourself, others and the world as part of your mission
  • Be supported in your self-reflection and have a concrete roadmap on how to accomplish what you are called to do
  • Discover the communication secrets of tomorrow’s leaders and “create new waves for a better world”

In uncertain times, many people need to take a break or make a fresh start. Making a retreat, and aligning oneself with ones’ mission and goals, to concretely serve your loved ones, your community and a more sustainable world is an art and a science that is part of ForWaves Citizens’ DNA.

Join us for this in-person workshop in Châtel-Saint-Denis in a beautiful and relaxing setting: Come and enjoy two unforgettable days of retreat, inspiring moments and sharing with like-minded people!

This event is part of ForWaves’ “Tatjana Initiative” in memory of ForWaves founder’s  mother. Born in a refugee camp, Tatjana always cared about inclusion and diversity. This is a special offer in partnership with a non-profit institute to make the workshop affordable, notably for students.

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is for citizens and leaders who want to review their personal and vocational goals, improve their communication skills and discover the secrets of those who achieve their dreams without delay and follow their purpose, serving the greater good, with unwavering peace.

(Students, professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, teams, parents, couples, retirees, …)

More info and sign up here

Not fluent in French?

The event will be held in French. If you understand French and are more comfortable speaking in English, this is possible as the trainer and usually most participants are fluent in English.

(Contact our team and let us know if you’d love to participate in a similar event in English:

Join Our Upcoming Free Webinar on

Career, Purpose & Resilience

How to have more impact at work and a fulfilling life?

In these unprecedented times, we all long for inspiration and learning.

Come and discover secrets of highly achieving people to remain resilient in uncertain times and align your career with your purpose and values.

Hope to see you there! Sign up here.

A participant’s testimonial: “I love and recommend this webinar because it goes beyond just having a meaningful career. This webinar actually gave me concrete tools to reflect on the career I truly want, my values, and how to take the next bold move most effectively, which I get to apply now. If you want to concretely grow as a leader or if you are in a career transition, and want to speed up your results, I can assure you, you won’t find ForWaves’ unique blend anywhere else.” –

What they say

“(…) Maria is an excellent trainer, caring, with a great richness of heart and wealth of experience.”

“(…) I was greatly impressed by the force of nature that is Ms. Zarraga — a true professional with great experience who is actively listening and able to bring out the best in each individual in each situation.

She has the knowledge and the emotional intelligence to drive change in people and I hope to work with her again in the near future.” C.M.

“The trainer is incredibly motivating, attentive and interesting.”

“Just perfect!”

“Incredible course! Congratulations.”

” Ms. Zarraga captivated me. By her know-how, her knowledge of storytelling, her relevance, her professionalism.”