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✔️ Tired of being stuck? We unblock career, job search or personal situations (e.g. reorientation, burnout recovery, stress management, having trouble finding a job, conflict resolution, etc.) based on proven and innovative career building, professional coaching, high-level career and executive mentoring, industrial psychology, psychological counseling, training and business methodologies. We work as a recognized service provider, notably for public employment programs, in the private,  public and international cooperation sectors.  



✔️ Since more than 15 years, our unique approach to Executive Coaching, Mentoring, Training and Change Management has served numerous organizations, executives, professionals and entrepreneurs to get them and their teams to the next level and conduct impactful change at the organizational, national and/or international level in complex environments.





We are passionate, caring and relentless about getting you the results YOU want. We move away from more traditional consulting to get clients results faster in a more sustainable way, combining a wide range of expertise. With a successful track record in consistently speeding up clients’ quality results, we have a passion for service, excellence and sustainable impact of our work.

Being active practitioners in both private and public sectors, including United Nations and non-profit organizations, and a wide range of industries, our clients  value our solid technical and up-to-date labour market experience and the expertise we offer.

We offer services in English and French (possible in Spanish and Russian).



  • Is this it? Is this really the right career path for me? What is MY purpose?
  • How could I have more impact in my job or organization?
  • Is it possible to get or create the job I truly want considering the complex labour market, my age, experience or level of study in this field?
  • Is it reasonable to pursue my career aspirations in spite of having to provide for my family or other responsibilities?
  • I’ve been in this job for so many years… How risky is it to leave my comfort zone and security?
  • How could I set up new realistic career goals and achieve them in the most reasonable amount of time?
  • How can I learn to manage these complex career, management or leadership situations and truly make a difference?

If you’re in this place, we guarantee that there is a way out.

  • Follow your purpose. Align with your values and motivations.
  • Speed up your job search. Apply our proven system for successful career building & agile job search techniques – embracing the realities of the current complex job market.

Undergo a skills / career assessment. Take stock of your skills, achievements, preferences, values and motivators. 

– Define a realistic career roadmap based on tailor-made strategies.

– Have your CV and cover letter (finally) stand out and be invited for interviews.

Get the job! Be best prepared and have a successful job interview.

  • Master the art of online & offline networking. Surround yourself with the right people.
  • Own your value. Be fulfilled in your life and cultivate conscientiousness, self-confidence and a sense of service.
  • Become unstoppable & fast-track your results. Be fully supported when going through hard times. Develop resilience and a winning mindset for a life and career that bear fruit.
  • Receive top executive coaching. Grow as a leader and overcome challenges.
  • Define if entrepreneurship is your path & thrive ! Start/develop your business.
  • Develop your skills and undergo training in areas such as Leadership, Management, Project Management, Job Search Techniques, Networking, Recruitment, Performance Management, Human Capital Development, Adult Learning, Communication, Monitoring & Evaluation, Design Thinking, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Change Management.


Are you a professional who displays the grit, perseverance and strong dedication to achieve your goals? We look forward to getting to know You! Reach out to us, join our events and be part of an outstanding community of like-minded ‘ForWaves Citizens’.

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 Achieve what you’re really meant to do.


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Make best use of your talents, time and commitment.

We believe everyone has a purpose and that our work is most impactful when it reflects our values.

We provide you with specialized expertise and powerful tools to help you find your purpose and craft an impactful career.

We help you own your value, as a change leader, in your current position or career transition.

We support you in developing a winning mindset to reach ambitious goals and solve most challenging problems.

Our unique approach allows you to tap into your true identity, values and motivations, overcoming eventual blocks and issues along your journey.







Apply best strategies and concrete roadmaps to speed up your job search and have the desired impact at work.

#MeaningfulWork #JobSearch #FindingAJob

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Build a successful and meaningful career in alignment with your values, purpose and motivations. Get a job fast.

You’re not getting the results you want, and don’t know why, despite all your efforts? Learn proven and most up-to-date agile job search techniques, the art of networking, how to write successful job applications, followed by successful job Interviews, which allow you to land the right job.

  • Our high quality individual or group career coaching programs, skills assessments and training workshops allow you to take stock of your past achievements, define and implement a realistic career roadmap and achieve your career goals.
  • We provide strong expertise in Career Transition and Reorientation to find the right job in today’s uncertain and complex job market.
  • Our unique System for Successful Career Building allows you to confidently step outside your comfort zone.
  • Based on our proven expertise and innovative approach, our team of consultants provides services in both private and public sectors is constantly, and is aware of current market trends and employers’ needs.
  • You save time and money thanks to rapid results and long-term benefits. We are known for helping clients get most speedy while in-depth results. (See testimonials)






Become a powerful communicator and conscious change leader. Continuously develop your skills, and bring your team and organization or business to the next level.

#Leadership #Management #Strategy #Change #Sustainability #ExecutiveCoaching #Mentoring #Training

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Develop your professional skills, and become a powerful Change Leader.

  • Change Leaders are accompanied in their Professional Development, Change Management interventions, and Management and Leadership roles.

  • We provide Executive Coaching, Mentoring and Training workshops on subject matters such as Leadership, Strategy Building, Management, Recruitment, People Development, Team Management, Conflict Resolution, Communication and Presentation skills, Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Complexity Management and Systemic Change (at the organizational, national and international levels).

  • The proven tools and innovative approach we use allow us to provide our clients with a tailor-made support, which is very much appreciated.

  • We consider each individual as a whole, with profound respect, empathy and close follow-up on their results.





Rather than going down the painful trial and error path in starting and growing your business, seek expert support to successfully turn your dreams into reality.

#Entrepreneurship #StartYourBusiness #SuccessfulEntrepreneur

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Get expert advice to define if entrepreneurship is the right path for you. Start and succeed in your business.

  •  Our team of enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated ForWaves Experts covers a range of disciplines. We offer expert advice to entrepreneurs starting their business, notably on their business model and business plan, business development and protecting/managing Intellectual Property.
  • We help you gain clarity, start and grow your business, and develop a powerful entrepreneurial mindset, which is key for success.



Registered Psychologist in Switzerland – FSP

We provide professional support (Master of Science in Psychology, FSP Psychologist) to help you overcome stress, difficult situations and resolve conflicts.

Receive effective psychological support in challenging situations such as unemployment, burnout, anxiety, stress management, team conflict, integration or other difficult situations in your private and/or professional life.

We also provide specialized psychological counseling for executives, high potential, ADHD and/or hypersensitivity. We’re here to help.

#Stress #MentalHealth #QualityOfLife #WorkLifeBalance #ADHD

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Be fully supported in challenges related to:

  • Burnout, boreout/dropout
  • Work-life balance
  • Self-management
  • Stress management
  • Emotional management
  • Anxiety
  • Managerial and executive/CEO roles
  • Career management and reorientation
  • High potential
  • ADHD
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Career counseling in case of health problems
  • Etc.

“The world needs New Waves of Impact Leaders. We can change the world, one career at a time. Be a servant leader. Go for a fulfilling and fruitful life!” – Maria Zarraga

Learn more about our unique approach and about Maria Zarraga, Founder and Managing Director of ForWaves®, Executive MBA with 20+ years experience in both public and private sectors (working for UN and non-governmental organizations, SME management, multinational and consulting companies).

Discover why she decided to serve mission-driven executives and changemakers who commit to share their talents, and get their career, team and organization to the next level for a more inclusive and sustainable world.


Looking for direction?

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  • Do you often wish you could have more impact at work?

  • Or perhaps you feel there must be something more for you? Do you feel overwhelmed or trapped in a job that feels meaningless, or perhaps even struggle with self-identity at work?

  • Or have you lost your job and instead of just finding a job that pays the bills, you know it’s time to achieve your true purpose?

  • Or for whatever reason, you’ve held yourself back from fully pursuing your dream career as an employee or entrepreneur.




Make it happen. Be the next success story.

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So many people are unhappy in jobs that feel meaningless or lost their jobs.

Many of us don’t dare pursuing our aspirations, reorient ourselves or start our own business. 

Deep down, we aspire to more without fully committing ourselves to a deeply desired professional goal.

Citizens of all ages and seniority have benefited from our powerful career strategies, skills assessments, executive coaching, mentoring and training programs. Our cutting-edge methodologies and tailor-made support help reinvent careers & craft sustainable change since more than 18 years, including in difficult contexts and life situations (e.g., 50+ job seekers, young graduates, several years without having or finding a job, burnout, divorce, limited education, challenges created by the COVID-19 Pandemic, overqualified job seekers, etc.)

Make a difference in your & other people’s lives!

“One of the most difficult things is not to change society – but to change yourself.” – Nelson Mandela




Tired of being stuck? What is it costing you?

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You may wish to thrive in a healthy and stimulating work environment, in alignment with your values. But you can often get sidetracked, stuck or experience blocks and even self-doubt.

The world needs you.

Don’t lose precious time and efforts trying to figure out what others learnt the hard way. Be strategic. Achieve your goals based on a proven and unique results and human-oriented system that has successfully served numerous professionals and executives since more than 18 years, in various sectors and industries. Start getting the results you want now.





Think your way to success & service to the world.

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Imagine you enjoyed a rewarding job that is aligned with your purpose – as an employee or entrepreneur, making the impact you truly want, having the life you dream of and loving what you do.

The world is waiting for you. Work smart and fast towards your goals and together let’s Create New Waves!

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“Get started now.

Take a stand for yourself and the unique contribution you make through your talents, concrete actions and commitment.

Be the next human who truly loves their work!

The world is waiting for you!”

Maria Zarraga



Beyond Classical Coaching: Faster & Lasting Results

“In the midst of reflecting on my professional future, I had doubts regarding finding a suitable career direction. I found it difficult to focus on my goals. I could not find the resources to reflect on my career path of more than 25 years, and to imagine and eventually start my reorientation. Through personalized executive coaching, Maria helped me define a career direction in which I could thrive and align my career wishes, professional capacities and expectations. Even though I benefited from classic executive coaching I was entitled to, I turned to Maria for work that more closely met my needs, and for quicker results.

We established a coherent and realistic action plan to adjust my capacity levels allowing me to strengthen legitimacy and knowledge in my future field of activity. The action plan was very well followed up, and has been enriched with new ideas and suggestions. I was thus able to focus my efforts effectively, expand my network and acquire new skills. Currently, I continue to implement the roadmap we established, and am also gaining professional experience adapted to my professional project. Thanks to rigorous analysis and in-depth coaching, I clarified my objectives and I got my energy back to a level that enables me to take new steps. I acquired the certainty that, whatever happens, the balance and harmony gained in this process will allow me to envisage the future serenely, with the right strategy and the right tools.” – A.C.

Tired Of Negative Responses? "I Wasn't Able To Attract Potential Employers."

“Prior to undergoing this program, I wasn’t able to attract the attention of potential employers on my profile.

I had somehow lost confidence and engagement in my job search despite hiring a coach to reflect on my professional development. The support I received through this training, group coaching dynamic and Maria’s expertise allowed me to regain confidence in my inner resources and abilities.

I was able to clearly identify what to improve and have acquired knowledge and skills to do so.We notably worked on networking tailor-made and cutting-edge techniques. I was then invited for an interview through my network.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who wishes to accelerate and achieve concrete results in their job search.” – G.G.

Receiving Support From A "True Professional With Great Experience"

“I attended a training about career development and how to build a successful personal and professional project…and make it a reality. I was greatly impressed by the force of nature that is Ms. Zarraga — a true professional with great experience who is actively listening and able to bring out the best in each individual in each situation. She has the knowledge and the emotional intelligence to drive change in people and I hope to work with her again in the near future.” – C.M.

Enjoying A Job In Line With My Values

“I thank ForWaves for accompanying me through my professional transition. I was looking for a reorientation for my career. The personalised career and life coaching helped me regain confidence in my abilities and in myself, and to be now fulfilled in an activity that is in line with my values and life project.— J.H.

Outstanding Skills Assessment Helped Rerouting My Career

“I contacted ForWaves for a career coaching and assessment after a mass layoff in my industry. There were no other professional openings for my profile despite a strong academic and professional track record. ForWaves helped me to take stock of my situation and focus on hands-on methods to reroute my career in a positive and proactive manner.

The personalized service and advice I received was second to none in getting me back on my feet and the insights provided by the tried and tested methods were truly eye opening and empowering. ForWaves deserves my heartfelt thanks and praise.” — R.L., PhD

Overcoming Burnout & Reorientation

I work in the field of emergencies. The difficult situations I experienced in the last years led to a burnout. It was no longer possible for me to apprehend my future career serenely. I looked at various job offers, but I did not really know where to go.

So I contacted ForWaves to help me find my way with regards to my professional reorientation. At the beginning, it was no longer possible for me to consider anything other than leaving my current job very quickly. I did not see a future for myself in a job that had caused such distress and in which there was no recognition. Then I learnt how to step back, look towards the future and find a professional goal rather than focusing on the past. I managed to stabilise myself in my current situation and make sure that my work was no longer impossible to do. My job search became simpler and more targeted.

I now move forward through the process of my career reorientation and job search with serenity and a peaceful mind. Thanks to the personalized advice I received, taking into account certain  psychological aspects related to my job search and recruitment interviews, the skills assessment I underwent, and thanks to a number of behavioural and technical methods, I see now with more clarity where I stand at present and my vision of my professional future.

This all allowed me to be able to seriously undertake various courses, be effective in my job search, and position myself among the final candidates in a completely different industry. Employee in the field of emergencies

Connecting Us With Job Market New Realities

“In search of employment for quite some time, my way seems to be leading me from one  surprise to another… The market has changed so much. In appearance, it is still the same as employers are still looking for employees and employees  for employers. But surprisingly, people who search for a job using former methods may not find what they are looking for even if they are loaded with skills.

This is a fact, we now need Maria, her knowledge and her skills to connect us with this new reality.

I would recommend her to anyone who needs to know their own skills, their value on the market, or to anyone who needs to express this in any context.

Here I am, after a day and a half of webinar, leaving the starting blocks at full speed!

Many thanks. Françoise

Taking Stock Of My Achievements - Program Exceeds Expectations

“I had the chance to meet Ms Maria Zarraga during a workshop on career development and networking. I greatly appreciated the time you spent with me during the workshop and mentoring outside of class. You took the time to listen to me and you accompanied me in this process. And beyond that, I would like to thank you in particular for making me aware of my abilities and my various achievements. I was able to  perceive my achievements from a different angle and this allowed me to highlight other skills that I had acquired. I can only highly recommend this program to anyone who wishes to take this path, it goes beyond what is expected! A beautiful encounter and thank you again for your precious collaboration. — H.H.

Mastering The Art Of Networking In Alignment With Our Values

“I had the pleasure of attending Ms Maria Zarraga’s career training and workshop on networking. I found the approach advocated for business (and in life in general) to be a perfect balance between modesty, politeness, respect and getting to the point.

The tools and methodologies are well aligned with this approach, differing from the often mechanical approaches to networking promoted by others. Even experienced networkers will come away with a more refined approach! — Robin Marks, Project, Program & Portfolio Manager 

Follow Your Purpose. Develop Your Career Building, Leadership & Management

“Maria’s training courses are always very interesting and enjoyable to follow. Good balance between group exercises and theoretical parts. A very rich intervention. Thank you.” – Training participant

“Maria is an outstanding speaker. Lots of dynamism, interaction and content. Great training (on Sustainable Development Goals, Corporate Social Responsibility and Change Management)! Thank you.” – Training participant

“(…) Mrs. Zarraga‘s deep wealth of knowledge (in Evaluation) and her ability to provide practical examples to theoretical concepts was a huge benefit.(…)” – Training participant

“The speaker was very experienced in the subject of the course, was able to share real and personal experiences and gave a very interesting course!” – Training participant

Develop Your Professional Skills. Grow As An Impact Leader

Some other words of training participants:

“The trainer is incredibly motivating, attentive and interesting.”

“Just perfect!”

“Incredible course! Congratulations.”

” Ms. Zarraga captivated me. By her know-how, her knowledge of storytelling, her relevance, her professionalism.”

Join Free Webinar On Career, Purpose & Resilience

“How to elaborate or refine that career path that makes sense to you?

Maria Zarraga helps you ask yourself the right questions, know yourself better and define the best actions to get successful results.

The webinar showed me those ingredients and taught me which tools to use. I was then able to direct my efforts more efficiently to lead my next career step. With this multi-perspective approach, I am confident

I can enjoy the transition journey while harvesting optimal returns and ensuring a good work-life balance.

I am definitely recommending Forwaves to boost your career transition ! ” Frédéric. C.

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Get The Right Support

“Why recommend ForWaves? “Because of Maria. She is such a kind and caring person.

As soon as you meet her you understand that you can trust her and that you are in good hands. My experience with her was just a blast.

She helps you to look deep into yourself, asks the good and impactful question and whenever you need help she is here.” L.L.

Finding a job in record time


“I had been looking for a job for almost 1 year, and I felt that I was not enough invited for interviews. So, I realized that there must be a problem with my application documents. That’s why I decided to call in a professional to help me redesign these documents.

My job search had been unsuccessful. It was notably frustrating, nerve-wracking and stressful. At the start of my job search, I had already benefited from some coaching, but that was more for self-confidence. I think it was useful, but it took a while before I accepted the end of my previous contract.

With Maria, we worked together on a specific job offer, for which we drew up a ‘standard’ CV and cover letter that I was able to adapt and reuse. I got an interview shortly after the CV redesign, which led to a job. Now I’m looking forward to starting a new challenge and finding my place in this new company.

Overall, this was a very positive experience. I came with a very specific need: to redesign my application documents (CV, cover letter), and how to position myself in relation to a job offer. Thanks to Maria, we were able to put together a CV that ‘tells a story’, making the content and presentation much more interesting and easier to read. I didn’t have to use this new CV for very long, because it quickly got me an interview and the job.” – S.R.

Gain Clarity On Your Next Career Step

“(…) I leave this training with a professional project, an action plan, a clear roadmap and many valuable tips – Maria is an excellent trainer, caring, with a great richness of heart and wealth of experience.” – Training participant




Full Story

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I had been laid off after a significant price downturn in my industry. As I had pursued advanced studies to reach the role I was holding, I was very specialized and in an industry that carries some prejudice, it was therefore very hard for me to find another job that met my requirements based solely on my existing CV. I had applied to dozens of roles, both locally and internationally, in and out of my field of expertise, the market was down and so there was little I could do about it. On a personal level, this had a huge impact on me, it was emotionally draining to use a euphemism.

I had tried traditional approaches, replying to adverts, networking, reaching out to my contacts, spontaneous applications, and retraining in a different field, at my own expense.

We focused on my strengths and weaknesses, but the main thing for me was to see my core values revealed with a clarity I could not have found alone. Mixing psychology with career advice and coaching was totally new to me, and far removed from the usual corporate personality profiles I had seen in my career.

The main outcome for me was a clear understanding of where to focus my efforts, halfway through my life, after having achieved a PhD in my field and travelled far and wide in a challenging industry, it was extremely powerful for me to crystalize my values and align my efforts with them. I have now switched my career orientation in a totally new profession, literally starting from scratch.

I found a job that has allowed me to leverage both my past experience and expertise and the retraining I followed, and while I don’t know what tomorrow holds, I have proven to myself what I had already done in the past but forgotten: I can reinvent myself and start fresh if I put enough effort into it.” — R.L.

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Career, Purpose & Resilience

How to have more impact at work

and a fulfilling life?

Come and discover 5 secrets of highly achieving people to remain resilient in uncertain times and to live purposefully.




Join us for this powerful workshop in Châtel-Saint-Denis in a beautiful and relaxing setting. Enjoy an unforgettable week-end retreat, inspiring moments and sharing with like-minded people.

  • Clarify your personal and professional goals in all areas of your life.

  • Discover and/or align with your mission and dreams in a deeper way.

  • Become aware of your influence on your close environment, community, at work and on a larger scale (#SDGs).

  • Improve your communication with yourself, others and the world as part of your mission.

  • Be supported in your self-reflection and have a concrete roadmap on how to accomplish what you are called to do.

  • Discover the communication secrets of tomorrow’s leaders and “create new waves for a better world”.

Further to the workshop’s success and your requests to reorganize it again, the next workshop will take place on 25-26 November 2023.


ForWaves® brings together citizens committed to contributing to a more sustainable and humane world.

In uncertain times, many people need to take a break or make a fresh start. Making a retreat, and aligning oneself with ones’ mission and goals, to concretely serve your loved ones, your community and a more sustainable world is an art and a science that is part of ForWaves Citizens’ DNA.

Who is this workshop series for?

This workshop is for citizens and leaders who want to review their personal and vocational goals, improve their communication skills and discover the secrets of those who achieve their dreams without delay and follow their purpose, serving the greater good, with unwavering peace. Join us and discover how to concretely craft a life you truly want.

(We welcome diversity. Students, professionals in a job or seeking for a job, executives, entrepreneurs, teams, parents, couples and retirees are all welcome.)

We make it affordable

This event is part of our Leadership & Career Program and ForWaves’ “Tatjana Initiative” in memory of ForWaves founder’s  mother. Born in a refugee camp, Tatjana always cared about inclusion and diversity. This is a special offer in partnership with a non-profit institute to make the workshop affordable, notably for students.

Not fluent in French?

If you understand French and are more comfortable speaking in English, this is possible as the trainer and usually most participants are fluent in English.

(Contact our team and let us know if you’d love to participate in a similar event in English:


“I really appreciated the quality of this course, with its highly professional approach and Maria’s empathy. This workshop is very useful to get concrete elements on how to improve one’s communication and one’s place in society in a more global way. Her approach to “business for good” is exceptional, and her vision/philosophy of life truly appreciable. Thank you so much Maria for all your humanity, warmth and sharing of your expertise.”-C.S.

“I’m dazzled every time by Maria’s passion and humanity. Communication with the other members of the group is always natural and constructive. And beyond that, it’s the tools we take away with us that enable us to better understand and evolve. Thank you, Maria !”-I.S.

“A testimonial is not enough; you need to experience this training to understand its impact and results, physically, mentally and energetically. It’s a weekend of powerful transformation! A necessary investment to discover the communication secrets of tomorrow’s leaders. A thousand thanks Maria!”-A.C.

“Great program to develop leadership with a heart, to face the challenges of the future.”-A.D.

” (…) I took great pleasure in listening to her, appreciating her methodology, learning her highly effective tools and exchanging with Maria and the participants in a beautiful state of mind. Above all, Maria is a person full of beautiful human qualities, passionate about her mission and who naturally manages to pass on her knowledge and positively transform the thoughts of her participants. I admire Maria for her journey, her courage, her perseverance and her expertise in many fields, including leadership. She also has the gift of quickly understanding each person’s problem and targeting the right solutions, which is impressive.

The venue, La Halte Spirituelle, was also an important element in the workshop’s success. (…) Maria gave us a wonderful surprise <violin concert> on Saturday evening, as touching and talented as ever.

I’m very happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in this workshop thanks to the Tatjana Initiative, and very satisfied with the result. After the workshop, I left with a clearer mind, great energy and positive thoughts to carry out my mission.

Her approach is unique, and I highly recommend Maria’s training courses to any individual or organization wishing to make rapid progress towards constructive, fulfilling change.”-A.C.

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