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During this webinar you will discover …


How to be resilient and seize opportunities in challenging times

– Why most people get stuck when wanting a meaningful life and career

How to optimize and accelerate your career growth or transition in an uncertain job market

How to remain aligned with your purpose at all times, strengthen your self-confidence and keep trust in the future.

The workshop is free and will be followed by a Q&A and networking session. 

 Do you want to…

  • Strengthen resilience in uncertain times?
  • Have a life and career in alignment with your values and purpose?
  • Finally get or create the job you really want as an employee or entrepreneur?
  • Contribute to a sustainable, inclusive and humane society?
  • Be in a positive learning environment in a community of like-minded citizens?

    If you recognize yourself in these four points, this webinar is perfect for you!

    This workshop is not for people who just want to “pass the time” (even though we love spending time with our participants).

    We offer this workshop to people who are fully committed to take their career and life to the next level.

    The organizers reserve the right to make a selection of registrations for a balanced group dynamic.

Who are we?

ForWaves Citizens is a community of change makers. Our Leadership & Career Program allows citizens to rapidly find a #MeaningfulJob in alignment with their values, and develop their professional, #ChangeManagement and #Leadership skills to contribute to a more sustainable world. (#SDGs)

Since over 18 years, our unique approach and proven techniques have enabled professionals to concretely find their way and be successfully coached in their career transition and evolution in a job, which resonates with their aspirations and purpose.

In response to multiple requests, we make our services and success secrets available to more people. We offer this webinar to all those who decide not to give up – despite life challenges.

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MONDAY NOVEMBER 20, 2023 – 7 PM (UTC+1)

Webinar in French

The webinar will last 1 hour and will be followed by a Q&A and networking session.

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Why join ForWaves Citizens events?

Why is it the best time to join our community?

Save time, efforts and money by using a system and tools that work…

Our solid expertise in Career Growth, Transition and Reorientation, as well as in professional and personal development help citizens, managers and leaders pursue meaningful careers. If you want to make a difference in your local community or internationally, rather than just earn a salary, our program is designed for you, and will probably be quite different from what you’ve seen so far.

Our proven approach, unique Successful Career Building System and high quality skills assessments allowed numerous executives and professionals, since over 18 years, to reveal their full potential and successfully achieve their goals. According to Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. You can achieve great results by improving and adjusting your approach – even when you thought you’ve tried everything! Seize this great opportunity before it’s gone!

A community of citizens who contribute to a more sustainable, inclusive and humane world…

Our community believes each individual has a purpose. Our work has more impact when it’s in harmony with our values and who we truly are. The world needs you! No talent can be wasted. Having a job that corresponds to our #values and #aspirations allows us to make the best use of the considerable time we spend at work, for the benefit of all. 

Our Founder’s expertise…

If you know Maria Zarraga, Founder of ForWaves Citizens Academy, you know that she dedicated her entire professional career to follow her purpose. Holding an Executive MBA in Finance & Management and a Social Sciences Master’s degree in Psychology, she displays 20+ years experience in both public and private sectors. Maria is the Managing Director of ForWaves® change management, monitoring & evaluation consulting firm, a platform of more than 20 experts based in 11 countries and a network of more than 200 experts worldwide. She is a Sustainable Development practitioner and Success Mentor For Change Leaders. Her passion for empowering organizations and people led her to successfully accompany, since more than 18 years, mission driven executives and professionals to get to the next level.

This unique Career & Leadership Program provides #ChangeMakers with realistic roadmaps and concrete tailor-made tools to fast-track their results, effectively stand out and position themselves in an increasingly complex job market. We support participants in developing professionally as outstanding employees, entrepreneurs and powerful leaders, and have the desired impact and quality of life.

Join our community & events. Let’s Create New Waves To Craft A better world!

Why you should join…

“How to elaborate or refine that career path that makes sense to you?

Maria Zarraga helps you ask yourself the right questions, know yourself better and define the best actions to get successful results.

The webinar showed me those ingredients and taught me which tools to use. I was then able to direct my efforts more efficiently to lead my next career step. With this multi-perspective approach, I am confident I can enjoy the transition journey while harvesting optimal returns and ensuring a good work-life balance.

I am definitely recommending Forwaves to boost your career transition ! ” Frédéric. C


“I love and recommend this webinar because it goes beyond just having a meaningful career.

This webinar actually gave me concrete tools to reflect on the career I truly want, my values, and how to take the next bold move most effectively, which I get to apply now.

If you want to concretely grow as a leader or if you are in a career transition, and want to speed up your results, I can assure you, you won’t find ForWaves’ unique blend anywhere else.” – U.V.

What FORWAVES ACADEMY participants say…

R. L., PhD (Skills Assessment & Coaching)

“I contacted ForWaves for a career coaching and assessment after a mass layoff in my industry. There were no other professional openings for my profile despite a strong academic and professional track record. ForWaves helped me to take stock of my situation and focus on hands-on methods to reroute my career in a positive and proactive manner. The personalized service and advice I received was second to none in getting me back on my feet and the insights provided by the tried and tested methods were truly eye opening and empowering. ForWaves deserves my heartfelt thanks and praise.

“[…]  I had tried traditional approaches, replying to adverts, networking, reaching out to my contacts, spontaneous applications, and retraining in a different field (…) Mixing psychology with career advice and coaching was totally new to me, and far removed from the usual corporate personality profiles I had seen in my career. (…) I have now switched my career orientation in a totally new profession, literally starting from scratch. I found a job that has allowed me to leverage both my past experience and expertise and the retraining I followed, and while I don’t know what tomorrow holds, I have proven to myself what I had already done in the past but forgotten: I can reinvent myself and start fresh if I put enough effort into it.”

C. M. (Workshop)

“I attended a training about career development and how to build a successful personal and professional project…and make it a reality. I was greatly impressed by the force of nature that is Ms. Zarraga — a true professional with great experience who is actively listening and able to bring out the best in each individual in each situation. She has the knowledge and the emotional intelligence to drive change in people and I hope to work with her again in the near future.”

Employee in the field of emergencies  (Skills Assessment & Coaching)

“I work in the field of emergencies. The difficult situations I experienced in the last years led to a burnout. It was no longer possible for me to apprehend my future career serenely. […]

This all allowed me to be able to seriously undertake various courses, be effective in my job search, and position myself among the final candidates in a completely different industry.”

H. H. (Workshop & Coaching)

[…] And beyond that, I would like to thank you in particular for making me aware of my abilities and my various achievements. I was able to  perceive my achievements from a different angle and this allowed me to highlight other skills that I had acquired.

I can only highly recommend this program to anyone who wishes to take this path, it goes beyond what is expected! A beautiful encounter and thank you again for your precious collaboration.”

R. Marks, Project, Program & Portfolio Manager  (Workshop)

“I had the pleasure of attending Ms Maria Zarraga’s career training and workshop on networking. I found the approach advocated for business (and in life in general) to be a perfect balance between modesty, politeness, respect and getting to the point.

The tools and methodologies are well aligned with this approach, differing from the often mechanical approaches to networking promoted by others. Even experienced networkers will come away with a more refined approach!

J. H. (Skills Assessment & Coaching)

“I thank ForWaves for accompanying me through my professional transition. I was looking for a reorientation for my career. The personalised career and life coaching helped me regain confidence in my abilities and in myself, and to be now fulfilled in an activity that is in line with my values and life project.

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