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 ForWaves® Citizens Academy

On a mission to make impact-driven

organizations, businesses and leaders thrive


Our clients come from both public and private sectors. With strong expertise in both sectors, we’re at home in either world, taking governmental and non-profit institutions, companies, start-ups and people’s lives to the next level.

With a Platform of 20 multidisciplinary experts, based in 11 countries and 4 continents, and a network of over 200 experts worldwide, ForWaves Consulting & ForWaves Citizens Academy support United Nations and Non-Governmental Organizations, National and Regional Programs, companies, dedicated impact leaders, managers and their teams.


ForWaves® Academy offers unique Training Workshops, Mentoring & Executive Coaching as well as Team Building events. Putting people at the heart of its endeavors, our team also supports Executives and Human Resources Managers through a wide range of services including strategy building, change management, recruitment skills assessments, outplacement and results-oriented agile projects. Other interventions notably include promoting Gender and Diversity and Health at work. Our tools and methodologies have successfully supported numerous professionals and executives since more than 18 years in a wide range of industries.

We craft innovative solutions to help your organization thrive. In contrast to a one-size-fits-all approach, we offer personal, tailor-made services.


Not only is our approach known for being impactful, pragmatic, rigorous and relevant to given industries, but it is also based on proven and scientific adult learning, industrial psychology, mentoring, management and business methodologies.

We are known for caring for our clients. We support you through personalized listening experience and cutting edge solutions to fast-track your results and sustain your impact. Our clients highly appreciate our expertise notably in change management, behaviour change and systems change.


Drawing on years of experience, we’ve put together the ForWaves® Platform, a global network of enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated experts covering a range of disciplines. We’re used to working across borders, across time zones, and across languages on projects big and small.

What connects us is a focus on results and a desire to work in harmony with a modern, sustainable world, not against it. Passionate about crafting powerful solutions that facilitate positive change, both in your organization and in the wider world, it’s excellence that drives us; but excellence firmly rooted in socio-economic, environmental and human development.

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Our Values

Grow as a leading organization & contact us to learn more.

Services in English and French (possible in Spanish)

We build organizations’ and people’s capacity with a sense of service, passion and excellence.

We enable your executives and teams to display strengthened capacity and engagement to achieve shared goals. Our training courses are usually tailormade.


Leadership & Management Training Programs

ForWaves® Training Academy enhances the value and impact of your organization, putting human capital first.

Our tailor-made workshops and executive programs cover topics such as:

  • Leadership and Strategy Building
  • Management
  • Organizational Development and Complexity Management
  • Project Management
  • Monitoring & Evaluation of Development Projects and Programs
  • Human Resources and People Management
  • Recruitment and Talent Development
  • Communication and Convincing skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Business Networking
  • Design Thinking
  • Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Thematic areas including decent work, migration, social inclusion, human trafficking and modern slavery, climate resilience, human rights, skills development, trade, social finance and enterprise development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Business Development
  • Community-Based Training (CBT) and Income Generating Activities
  • Entrepreneurship; SME Development; Intellectual Property
  • Gender & Diversity; Decent Work; Health at Work
  • Behaviour change
  • Small and Large-Scale Systems Change (Corporate & International Cooperation).

© Photo by Martin Dreverman)  

© Photo by Martin Drevermann)

Our mission is to empower changemakers to become powerful communicators and outstanding leaders dedicated to make a difference.

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Executive Coaching, Mentoring

& Team Building

Strategy Building, Leadership and Team Excellence

Make best use of your executives’ and teams’ talents, time and commitment.

We support leaders in building and implementing powerful strategies, have a wining mindset to reach ambitious goals, develop their teams and solve most challenging problems.

Our Team Building approach allows to provide pragmatic tools and approaches applicable in the day-to-day work. We enable stronger cohesion, collaboration and performance, notably based on complementary  profiles and understanding thereof, improved communication, conflict resolution and shared purpose.

Our unique approach allowed numerous managers and their teams to operate successfully and navigate change in most complex environments.

© Photo by Martin Drevermann).  

Recruitment and staff management mistakes are known to be costly for employers.

Avoid this risk by getting expert support, putting people first, and making your organization successfully stand out.

#Assessment #Outplacement

Assessment & Outplacement

Get expert advice & support in recruitment processes, people development and outplacement.

Recruitment assessments allow to evaluate shortlisted candidates as accurately as possible, and to compare these profiles with a specific profile you are looking for.

Competency assessments enable individuals to take stock of their existing competencies, work preferences, values and motivations to define their career orientation and evolution.

An assessment of staff members’ skills to orient their professional development within an organization. This allows to define a personalized development plan.

During an outplacement, employees are guided in their professional transition and job search strategy.

Position your organization as the place to be and work with for your services & impactful interventions.

#HRManagement #PeopleDevelopment #ChangeManagement

HR Management Support

Foster the appropriate organizational structure, skills development & corporate culture

Develop the most effective strategies and interventions for HR success. We offer tailor-made services in areas such as:

  • HR Strategic Advice
  • Human Capital Development
  • Individual and/or Team Coaching
  • Assessment and Outplacement
  •  Training
  • Occupational Health: Prevention and Counseling
  • Behaviour Change; Change Management
  • Project Management – Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E).

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We help you stand out as a successful change catalyst.

#Strategy #ChangeManagement #SystemsChange

Change Management

Does your organization or company want to embark on truly sustainable change?

While often overlooked, change management is a core element of success for organizations!

Our experience has shown us that well-designed change strategies reduce resistance and increase your return on investment, as you become a catalyst for change.

  1. Instead of simply doing more and hoping for the best, we provide you with expert advice, precise and considered roadmaps and frameworks to guide the change you are undertaking.
  2. Our situational assessments, evaluations and market analyses support your strategic management decisions.
  3. We get to know your organization and to understand your needs and environment, in order to give you the right advice at the right time, saving you time and money.

Our Clients & Participants Are Our Best Ambassadors

Some testimonials

"(...) Durante esta misión, la Sra. Zarraga desempeñó su función con gran sentido de la responsabilidad, compromiso, flexibilidad y humanidad hacia los miembros de nuestro equipo en Suiza, Costa de Marfil y Ghana. Sus sólidas competencias en las áreas de gestión de RRHH, gestión del cambio, desarrollo organizativo, coaching y formación han sido muy apreciadas por (nuestro) equipo directivo y otros miembros del equipo. El proyecto (...) Core Competency, dirigido por la Sra. Zarraga, ha contribuido a reforzar un entorno institucional propicio, que fomenta las aptitudes, competencias y estructura organizativa adecuadas dentro de RRHH y en toda la organización, y que en general refuerza la capacidad y los recursos de RRHH. Estamos sumamente agradecidos por su colaboración y dedicación durante su misión de consultoría (...)." - Director de Recursos Humanos de una ONG

"(...) Me impresionó enormemente la fuerza de la naturaleza que es la Sra. Zarraga - una verdadera profesional con gran experiencia que escucha activamente y es capaz de sacar lo mejor de cada individuo en cada situación. Tiene los conocimientos y la inteligencia emocional para impulsar el cambio en las personas y espero volver a trabajar con ella en un futuro próximo." - C.M., participante en la formación

"Tuve el placer de asistir a la formación profesional y al taller sobre creación de redes de la Sra. María Zarraga. Me pareció que el enfoque propugnado para los negocios (y en la vida en general) es un equilibrio perfecto entre modestia, educación, respeto e ir al grano.

Las herramientas y metodologías están bien alineadas con este enfoque, diferenciándose de los enfoques a menudo mecánicos del trabajo en red promovidos por otros. Incluso los profesionales experimentados en el trabajo en red obtendrán un enfoque más refinado". - Robin Marks, Gestor de proyectos, programas y carteras 

"Ponente realmente brillante curso emocionante e interesante (relacionado con la asistencia técnica). Con buenos ejemplos prácticos, vídeos para ejemplificar la teoría, etc." - Participante en la formación

 "Los cursos de formación de María son siempre muy interesantes y agradables de seguir. Buen equilibrio entre los ejercicios en grupo y las partes teóricas. Una intervención muy rica. Gracias". - Participante en la formación

"María es una oradora excepcional. Mucho dinamismo, interacción y contenido. ¡Gran formación (sobre Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible, Responsabilidad Social Corporativa y Gestión del Cambio)! Gracias". - Participante en la formación


"(...) La gran riqueza de conocimientos de la Sra. Zarraga (en Evaluación) y su capacidad para proporcionar ejemplos prácticos a los conceptos teóricos fue una gran ventaja.(...)" - Participante en la formación La ponente tenía mucha experiencia en el tema del curso (sobre Evaluación), pudo compartir experiencias reales y personales e impartió un curso muy interesante." - Participante en la formación

Otras palabras de los participantes en la formación:

"El formador es increíblemente motivador, atento e interesante".

"¡Simplemente perfecto!"

"¡Un curso increíble! Enhorabuena".

" La Sra. Zarraga me cautivó. Por su saber hacer, su conocimiento de la narración, su relevancia, su profesionalidad".

Services in English and French (possible in Spanish)

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