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Find Your Purpose


Our community believes that everyone has a purpose and that our work is most impactful when it reflects our values and true self.


Have a job aligned with your values and make best use of your talents, time and commitment.

We provide you with specialized mentoring and a complete set of powerful tools designed to help you follow your purpose and craft an impactful career.

Our unique approach allows you to tap into your real self, values and motivations, overcoming eventual blocks and issues along your journey. We help you achieve what you are really meant to do.

Get A Job You Truly Want

If you want to build a successful career path that is aligned with your values, purpose and motivations, this program is for you. We provide strong expertise in Career Transition and Reorientation for professionals, managers and leaders, wishing to have a job – that not only pays the bills – but is also impactful for our communities and the wider world.

Our Executive and Career Mentoring, proven System for Successful Career Building and high quality Skills Assessment allow executives and professionals to take stock of their past achievements and current situation, develop and implement a realistic career roadmap, and to unlock your potential in a profound and powerful way.

We help you master the art of networking, job search techniques, and display key strategies for successful job applications. Our unique program allows you to discover and concretely apply the secrets to create a fulfilling life and career.

We also conduct leadership and career workshops where participants can notably learn from each other, and benefit from the support of a community of like-minded citizens.

Services in English and French (possible in Spanish)

Want To Become An Entrepreneur?

We help you define if entrepreneurship is the right path for you and support you in successfully starting your business.

Our team of enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated ForWaves Experts covers a range of disciplines. We offer expert advice to entrepreneurs starting their business, notably on their business model and business plan, and protecting their Intellectual Property assets.

We help you develop your business and a powerful entrepreneurial mindset, which is key for success. We support mission-driven women and men entrepreneurs and provide you with tailor-made tools to navigate the journey from dreams to reality.

Take Your Career To The Next Level

We help you achieve outstanding results while mastering a winning mindset for more positive impact in your and other people’s lives.

Not only is our approach results-based, rigorous and relevant to given industries, but it is also based on proven high-level mentoring, industrial psychology, training and business methodologies, and our unique System for Successful Career Building, allowing you to confidently step outside of your comfort zone.

The diversity of proven tools and innovative approaches we use allow us to provide you with a tailor-made support, which is very much appreciated by our clients. We consider each individual as a whole, with profound respect, empathy and close follow-up on your results.

Are you a professional who displays the grit, perseverance and strong dedication to achieve your goals? We provide you with the best strategies and concrete roadmaps for great results in the least amount of time.

Get started now! Be the next happy human truly loving what you do!

Services in English and French (possible in Spanish)